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PLC controlled automatic liquid strain fermenter

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Electric control cabinet:
Including PLC touch screen, with PLC control system, can record production data, with storage function, can view production data within 7 days;
Fermentation tank:
304 stainless steel, liner for food grade grinding mirror.
Fermenter heater:
t is equipped with anti burnout protection, automatic water with solenoid valve and automatic stop in case of water shortage;
Air flow meter:
Accurate calibration, visualization of air inside the tube, accurate control of oxygen content in the tank;
Air filter:
High density filter screen, filter the bacterial dust in the air, provide aseptic fermentation environment;
Flame inoculator:
High temperature sterilization to realize aseptic feeding;
Peristaltic pump:
One make-up tube is used to supplement bacteria or materials, two acid-base tubes are used to adjust the acid-base degree, one is used to clean the bubble and add the clear bubble liquid;