Pneumatic Flanged ball valve/Automatic Valve

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Valve Model Preparation instructions



Pressure Grade Code


Codes for Seali『19 Surface Material or Lining Matreial


Structure Fom Code Connecting Manner Code

Codes for Pneumatic Manners ValveType Code

Special Demand Code Feature Code

1 、    Feature Code:   The characteristic code of ou 「  company is .

2  Special Demand Code:  K=Anti-sulphurType,  D=Low-temperatureType,  B=Heat-insulating JacketedType, L=Lengthened StemType,  Y = SpecialType fo Oxygen,  W=SanitaryType  V= VType Ball

3  Valve Type code:  Z= Gate Valve,  J=Stop Valve  O= Ball  Valve  D = Butterfly Valve  G = Diaphragm Valve  X = Cock Valve

4, Codes for Pneumatic Mannes: 6=Pneumatic, 6S=Pneumatic-Manual,  6K=Pneumatic-Normal Open,

68=Pneumatic-Normal  Close

5 Connecting Manner Code: 1=InsideThread Connection, 2=OutsideThread Connection, 4=Flanged Connection, 6=Weldi吨,    7=Wafer Connection,    8=Buckle Connection

6 、  Structure Form Code:

Gate Valve   1=Wedge Single Flashboard,  2=Wedge Double Flashboard,  O=Wedge Elastic Flashboard, 3=Paralleled Single Flashboard,  4=Paralleled Double Flashboard

Stop Valve   1 = Floating Straight-throughType,  4 = AngleType,  5 = Straight-flow

Ball Valve     1 = Floating Straight-throughType,   4 = FloatingType L-shapedThree-way,   5 = FloatingTypeT-shapedThree-way, 7 = FixedTyped Straight-throughType,   8 = FixedTyped L-shapedThree-way,   9  = FixedType L-shapedThree-way, O = Hemisphere through

Butterfly valve       1 = Center-line Straight-plateTyped, 3 = 3-D EccentricType Diaphragm valve 1 = RidgeTyped, 3 = Stop Valve

Cock Valve 3 = Staight-throughType, 4 =T-shapedThree-wayType, 5 = Four-wayType 7,  Codes for Sealing Surface Material or Lining Material:

F=Polytetrafluoroethylene,   P=Para-Position polyphenylene,

N=Nylon,  X= Rubber,   H=Alloy Steel,   Y=Hard Alloy,   J=Rubber-lined,  F4=Polytetrafluoroethylene-lined S、 Pressure Grade Code:

The exp「ession for the decuple(Kgf/cm2)of nominal pressure MPa of GB Standard includes 6.0, 10, 16, 25, 40, 64, 100. The pressure gade of ANSI standard is Class150,  300,  400,  600.

The pressu「e grade of JIS standard is 1OK, 20K, 40K.

9 、  Body Material Code:

C=WCB; P=CF8(304)00Cr18Ni10, (321)1C18Ni9Ti; PL=CF3(304L)OOCr18Ni1O;  R=CF8M(316)0CrNi1202;

RL=CF3M(316L)OOCr17Ni14Mo2; l=WC6, 1Cr5Mo; F=LCB; N=LCS3; S=PVC  RPP

No  detalied  particularization  for  the  corresponding  forge  materials)

Note: For carbon cast steel valve body of PN;;;:2.5MPa and over Class150 in pressure grade, thes code is omitted. Example 1: SVQ641F-16P-DN50

Representing full-bord floating stainless steel ball valve connected by pneumatic flange with a nominal pressure of 1.6MPa and adiameter of DN50mm.

Example 2:   SVD6S73H-150-4

Representing wafer-type metal sealed tri-eccentricity simple steel butterfly valve with a pressure grade at class 150 and a diameter of 4 inches.

Instruction of Pneumatic Ball Valve Series

Uses and Structural Features of Product


Pneumatic ball valve series are widely used in natural gas, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, power, mining, printing and dying, biological pharmacy, daily chemicals, foodstuff and beverage, water treatment and air treatment etc. For the automatic or adjustment control of fluid, together with automatic pneumatic meters.

The Structureal Features of Pneumatic Ball Valves Series:

Pneumatic Actuator uses new-style AT pneumatic actuator,  provided with both double-acting and single-acting types (spring reposition),  driven  by gear and  rack  with high  dependability;  big diamete  valves are diven  by AW  pneumatic  actuator on  pull­ extraction  manner,  with  easonable  stucture  and  large  output  torque  as  well  as  double-acting  and  single-acting  types  (spring reposition). Refer to our stylebook of pneumatic actuator for more details information.

•Shell Sturcture: As per useres' requirements and real working conditions, fixed ball valves can be designed to three structures including cast, forged and full-welded, and valves of full-welded structure are mainly applicable for buried use.

Unique ISealing Sturcture of Valve Base Floating ball valve adopts the sturcture of lip-type elastic sealing ring to insure the sealing dependability. For ball valves used in low-tension, ultra-low-tension or vacuum conditions, the valve-base sealing structure with leaf spring loading is adopted to maintain long-time reliable sesling. The valve-base of high-or medium-temperature ball valve may usepara-position polyphenylene of metal material.

According to the difference in pressure, medium character and sealing requirements, fixed ball valve may choose structures of front-ball sealing, back-ball sealing or front-back double sealing. The valve base of high-oor medium-temperature ball valve may use pare-position polyphenylene or metal material.

eObsturction and Drainage: When valve is io off-positio1, the valve bases at upper and lower  stream will interdict the fluid, and the deposit in the cavty may be discharged by drainage device.

•Automatic Pessure-relieving Sturcture:  In case of abnormal rise of pressure occurred in cloaca cavity, the mediums in it may drive the valve base with its self-thrust to realize automatic pressure relief. thus to ensure the safety of valve body.

Reliable Sealing of Stem: Valve stem adopts the downward installation sturcture with back sesling. The sealing power increases along with the rise of medium pressure, thus to ensure reliable sealing of valve stem. In addition, stem will not burst forth in case of abnormal pressure rise.

•Fireproof Sturcture: Fireproof sturctue may be adopted for ball valve as per working conditions and users' requirements. The firepoof design confoms to API  60  and JB/T6899 standards etc.  In case of soft sealing ring being damaged in fire,  the Ii eproof structure can stop the large leakage of medium, thus to avoid further expansion of fire.

Anti-static Strusture: When operating, the friction between sphere and base may cause static charge accumulated on the sphere. To avoid static spark, static device is provided on the valve to educt the electric charge on the sphere.

•Full Bore Structure and Reduced Bore Structure: These two serices are offered to meet users different requirements. The

passage inside diameter of full bore ball valve is the same as that of pipe, making it convenient for control and cleaning. The weight of reduced bore ball valve is relativey smaller, but the fluid resistance is only arund 1/7 of that of stop valve with the same caliber. Therefore, the application prospect is much better for the latter.


Products Performance Specifucation




Pressure grade

Nominal Pressure PN(MPa)                                                Pound(Class)


2.5               4.0


10.0              150


400              600


Test Pressure (MPa)

Shell test

Sealing test Air Sealing Test




3.75              6.0


2.75              4.4




15.0             3.03


11.0              2.2




10.2             15.0


7.48             11.0






Applicable medium

Material of Valve Body




Water, Steam, Oil and   liquefied gas etc.

Corrosive mediums such as   nitric acid etc.

Corrosive mediums such as nitric acid etc.


Special Medium