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Pneumatic Flanged ball valve

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Diamater:  DN15-300mm

Pressure:1.6、2.5、4.0、 6.4MPa· 150Lb、300Lb、600Lb、10K、20K 

        Structure: floating type

          Size standard: national standard, jengbiao, target cabinet arborium: carbon steel                (WCBI,stainless steel (C tuo, CFSM, CF3, CF3MI cabinet material:)

         Knock down mode · switch type, regulating type

          Accessories: thumb · electric e-wa, positioning clamor, limit switch, air source         

        processing triplets, manual mechanism

Pneumatic Flanged ball valve Model:0641FIN、P、H、YI Bore:  DN15-300mm

Pressu『e: 1.6、2.5、4.0、 6.4MPa; 150Lb、300Lb、600Lb、10K、20K Structu『e: Floating

Dimension standard: GB, American Standard, Japanese Standard Body material: Carbon steel(WCB), Stainess steel (CFS、CFSM、 C町、CF3MI

Seat material: PTFE, PPL, N,”,Y

Mode of action: the double-acting/single-acting type(spring reposition) of pneumatic actuator

Control: Switch type, Adjust type

Selection of Accessories: solenoid valve, Locator, Limit switch, F.R.L. COMBINATION UNIT, Manual Device.