Marine Loading Arm

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Marine loading arm is designed for fluid transport between terminal and tanker pipeline system of liquid or gaseous state one kind of product.

Our company design and manufacture of Marine oil arm in the process of transmission,within the scope of normal trough boat drift with the tank ship linkage. Range through the monitoring system in the tank when the ship manifold drift out of the scope of work provides audible and visual alarm. And equipped with emergency escape system implementation under the condition of loading arm emergency escape and hull.

numbermodelOn the behalf of contentspecification
1AMMarine loading arm
26Six rotary joint 

1--self-supporting marine loadin      g arm

3--independent support marine 

   loading arm

4--independent support marine lo      ading arm (Double-barrelled)

4HHydraulic control


H-hydraulic driven


Caliber 300mm

AM61 marine loading arm

AM61M 100     Marine loading arm   model 61, Caliber DN100, Manual

AM63 marine loading arm

Basic  Features:                      Material:

Easy operation                        Carbon steel

Easy seal change                      Stainless steel

Small dead weight                     Low-temp steel

Minimal wind loads                    Lined steel, etc

Separate support structure            Nominal diameter: 

Uniform diameter                      DN80 to DN600

Long reach capability

The model features a separate support structure with its own generously aized mechanical bearings. Which take up all major external loads and memets.

The model had been developed especially to meet the increased requirements for loading critical media. furthermore,the model can be designed for long reach capability.

The model can be equipped with emergency release coupler(ERC) and/or quick connect/disconnect coupler(QCDC)

AM6 3 M  200      Marine loading arm,model 63, Caliber DN200, Manual

AM64H 200/100  Marine loading arm,model 64,Caliber DN200/100,Double-barrelled hydraulic 


The swivels and pipe are only subjected to stress by internal pressure and weight.

Generously sized bearings at supporter minimizefriction and facilitate easy operation.

The diameter of swivel and pipe is uniform throughout.

ALL swivels are identical thus considerably reducing the spares requirements.

Line is attached to supporter by means of special mounts which also compensate for thermal expansion due to temperature variations to overstressing.

Balance the arm in all positions by meansof counterweights.

Balance inboard and outboard arm by a moving counterweight.


Hydraulic drive assemblies

Drain connecters

Mech.locking device

Vacuum breaker and/or N2 purge system

Electrical stray current protection

Safety ladders

Adjustable support jack

Insulation flange

Range limit system

Shut-off valve

Emergency release coupler(ERC)

Quick connect/disconnect coupler(QCDC)

Vapour return line, steam line etc.

Connection area 

The connection area is that volume in space in which the loading arm should be connected to the ship's flange. The area results the min./max.mainflod setback and sizes of vessel(fully laden of light)at low or high tide.

Working area

In the area the ship's flange connection can move freely and without danger during loading/unloading.

Warning area

Operating personnel will be warned by audio/vosial alarms product valves on the land and ship side should be closed to interrupt product transfer.

Emergency release area

The emergency release area is required ti actiovate and complete separation of the arm form the tanker manifold.

Emergency release coupler (option)

Emergency release coupler is composed of double ball valve or double butterfly valve,it is installed in the straight pipe on the top of loading arm's three-dimensional joint,when loading arm is on working,it will work in the following situation:

When there is a fire,the operator can't close 

Gust caused intense drift of the ship 

Drift is too large,the operator can't close

Emergency release coupler will escape,before it escapes,it will close the pipeline on the ship side and the shore side in the same time to make sure that media does not leak.

Manual,hydraulic driven QCDC(option)

It is installed in the flange which is docked with loading arm and ship,its characteristic is that it doesn't have to use special tools.Its jaw can join the loading arm's flange and ship's flange together quickly,so it can save manpower and material resources effectively.