Why Choose Our Marine Loading Arm?

Chiksan Corporation of America produced the world's first Marine Loading Arm in 1956. In the past, ship loading and unloading fluids have been mainly based on the use of rubber pipes. Since the adoption of marine loading arms that do not worry about the length of the pipe and the bending of the pipe, the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading operations have been greatly improved, even in poor conditions. In the case of loading and unloading fluids, it can also be done smoothly and quickly.

Today, most ports in the world use marine loading arms for tanker loading and unloading operations. The Marine Loading Arm provided by the company can handle a wide range of vessels, from small vessels to large tankers. It can also be used for ultra-low temperature fluids from LNG (-162°C) to molten sulfur (120°C), bitumen (180°C). Such materials as high freezing point, or transporting and loading of various fluids such as slurry transport of sulfuric acid, caustic soda, and solid fluid mixture.

We also supply Tower Type Gangway, LNG Loading Arm, etc. If you have any questions about our products, welcome to contact us.

Marine Loading Arm