What are the Advantages of Cranes?

1. It can avoid the static phenomenon caused by the top loading and unloading oil splashing, reduce the fire hazard, and use the quick connector to reduce the leakage;

2. Workers can work on the ground to avoid the danger of workers falling from top work;

3. Bottom loading and unloading can recover 95% of the oil and gas generated during loading and unloading;

4. Increased loading and unloading speed and loading efficiency due to the possibility of reducing static electricity;

5. It is not necessary to open the top cover, so it avoids the pollution of rain, snow and other sundries;

6. When the balance spring cylinder balancer is used, the loading and unloading arm can be operated lightly and effortlessly;

7. During the loading and unloading process, it can be followed by the tank truck within the normal movement range of the tank truck;

8. When the loading arm is in the storage state, the locking is parallel to the direction in which the tank truck travels, and the occupied space is small.

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