What Are The Reasons For The Breakdown Of The Loading Arm Shell?

Loading Arm replaces the previous soft pipe, because the loading arm has a great improvement in terms of convenience and safety. The loading arm is an ideal special equipment for the oil-transfer process, but there will be a crack in the casing. At the time, then what is the reason for this, the following content will be explained in detail.

1. The gap impact is large. Some supporting loading arm work through the interstitial impact, such as the drilling machine, impact rotation, etc., because the instantaneous impact force is unpredictable, or the impact object exceeds the mechanical work category, resulting in excessive impact.

2, overload operation, its power is rated, if the actual torque used exceeds the rated torque it uses, due to overloading of the loaded crane tube, the casing is overwhelmed and the casing is broken.

3. Internal foreign objects, due to the internal parts falling off during the work of the crane tube, or the breakage caused by the internal parts are not smooth, resulting in parts falling off.

4, loading arm lubrication is not enough, the exhaustion of the oil causes the shell to rupture.

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