How To Replace The Loading Arm Seal Ring?

Loading Arm is mainly composed of fixed, rotary, operating, balancing and other mechanisms and tubing. The sealing ring is mounted in the slewing mechanism (slewing joint). The quality of the sealing ring of the loading arm determines the large tolerances and angular deviations of the compensation, thus determining the wear condition, and maintaining the normal working state of the sealing ring has a central influence on the loading arm. When problems arise, they should be replaced in time. So how to replace it?

1. Loosen the connecting screw to remove the crane tube and take out the old sealing ring;

2. Clean all parts of the rotary joint parts that are in contact with the seal ring with gasoline and then apply a layer of grease to the new seal ring;

3. Slowly rotate the outer arm of the loading arm and use the magnet to remove all the balls in the two raceways;

4. Extend the inner and outer rings by withdrawing the outer ring along the axis;

5. Remove the original dust ring or raceway seal and load the new oil into the loading arm.

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