Installation Six Steps Of Loading Arm

Loading Arm is is kind of pipe that can be moved and retracted. It is mostly used for liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical terminals. The medium inside the pipe is oil, water, etc. How to install the loading arm?

1. The joint between the oil station and the crane pipe is equipped with the corresponding standard flange, and the foundation flange is firm and reliable. The height of the flange from the ground is 2.1 to 2.2 meters. When the crane pipe is inverted, the height of the flange is from the ground 2.7 ~ 2.8 meters.

2. The product has been tested for sealing at the factory. When the user installs, just refer to the structure diagram. First connect the horizontal short tube to the base flange on the oil station, then connect the horizontal short tube, the lifting arm group, finally install the balancer connect the balancer lever.

3. After the final assembly is completed, adjust the balancer. Lift the lifting arm to about 60° and unscrew the end cover of the balancer. Adjust the screw to make the crane tube stop in the range of -15°~60°.

4. During the installation process, each flange surface must be light and clean. If there is a sealing groove, the O-ring must be installed with butter before connecting.

5. Lubricating oil must be applied before each pin rotating part and spring balancer are installed and used.

6. When installing the 9th horizontal gyrator item, pay attention to the angle of the horn. If the angle is not correct, you should re-adjust it.

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