Overhaul Cycle Of Loading Arm

In order to avoid the problems caused by the Loading Arm during the construction process, we must load the arm to carry out regular maintenance inspections, check different items according to different cycles, and separate them once, so as to avoid duplication and avoid omissions.

Maintenance period: mid-repair from March to June, overhaul from June to December.

1. Medium repair project

(1) Polish or replace contaminated or oxidized contacts.

(2) Check and tighten all loose screws in time.

2. Overhaul project

(1) Includes medium repair projects.

(2) Check the leakage of the main seal ring and replace the main seal ring in time.

(3) Open the outer arm balance spring cylinder plastic cover and press the outer arm to compress the spring. At this time, add calcium-based or lithium-based grease to the cylinder.

(4) Perform a change of ester lubrication on the rotary joint.

The above process must be operated by professionals. We are LNG Loading Arm China Manufacturer. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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