Loading Arm Will Replace Traditional Hoses

The use of Loading Arm has become more and more common with the development of China's economy. The reason why the use of such equipment is becoming more and more common and the reason for gradually replacing some traditional equipment is because of the advantages of this equipment. As far as the hose is replaced by the Loading Arm, the problem can be explained in many ways.

1. Safety: The crane tube is mainly composed of seamless pipe, elbow and rotary joint. It has flexible rotation, reliable sealing and safety performance far higher than filling hose.

2. Operation and use: The crane tube is generally equipped with a balancer, which balances the gravity of the outer arm, the pick-up parts and their accessories, so that the outer arm of the crane can meet the balance, which can reduce the operating force of the operator and can be used by the operator. Small forces can move the outer arm of the crane and reduce the labor of the operators.

3, the price: the crane tube is durable, the service life is 5-10 years, the hose needs to be replaced every year. In comparison, the price is much more expensive than the crane tube. In summary, the crane tube replaces the traditional filling hose. Only in order to comply with national security regulations, more importantly, it can eliminate safety hazards, improve loading and unloading efficiency, reduce losses, and save manpower and material resources for all petrochemical enterprises.

With the development of economy and society, more projects or products that are backward, energy-intensive, etc. will be eliminated. Why do we not use good products? Therefore, cranes can replace hoses. The result of the synergy of the factors.

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