How To Determine Top And Bottom Loading Arms?

When I mentioned the Lining PTFE Loading Arm, many people said that they know very well. Actually, everyone just understands its specific appearance and simple use. It is believed that many friends do not understand the tops and bottoms of this material. We can look up:

The crane tube can be divided into top and bottom loading. In the past, there were many materials used for loading, and it was not very convenient for people to stand on the platform. Now the crane tube is used to solve this problem, not only safe and fast, but also easy to use. The submerged loading of this material means that the height of the vertical pipe according to the bottom of the tanker when the material is loaded is not more than 200mm, which can reduce the volatilization of the material and the generation of static electricity. The top loading and bottom loading are mainly determined by the different ways of pipeline insertion and the working direction of the pump, regardless of the position and the thickness of the pipeline.

As for how to determine the upper and lower loading crane tubes, the text has already been explained clearly. Only by understanding the problems in this aspect, we are not prone to problems when using and selecting. Sometimes the problems of the upper and lower sides are mixed. No, so we need to pay more attention to it.

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