What Are The Advantages Of Rotary Joint?

The mechanically sealed Rotary Joint has the following advantages over the rotary joint of the packing seal structure:

Firstly, due to the vibration of the equipment and the swing of the hollow shaft, the sealing effect of the conventional soft seasoning is reduced; secondly, the conditions of use in industrial production become more and more severe, and in order to meet the requirements of safe and reliable production, the mechanical seal structure is increasingly used. Rotary joint. In addition, the scope of production automation is rapidly expanding. The rotary joints with mechanical seal structure are not used for maintenance. The parameters such as pressure, temperature and speed of the rotary joint are higher than the packing seal structure, and the leakage loss is very small, so his sealing performance exceeds Packing sealing structure.

The packing seal structure is less expensive to purchase than the swivel joint, but after installation and use, the packing seal is expensive to repair, although the rotary joint has a higher one-time purchase cost, but because of its long service life, the friction loss power is small. It saves maintenance personnel and reduces or eliminates the number and time of severely forced downtime of the site leakage. Therefore, the total cost is still lower than the packing sealing structure.

Rotary joints are also small in size, light in weight, easy to install and use, insensitive to strong vibration and sway of the equipment, prevent and reduce fluid leakage, and attract energy and fluid media. It is also of great significance in improving environmental sanitation and increasing labor productivity.

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