Cleaning Method Of Upper Loading Arm

As a special equipment for fluid handling, Upper Loading Arm is widely used in the chemical industry and other industries to send and receive various liquid materials. In order to extend its service life, we can clean Upper Loading Arm:

1. Internal flushing: a pipe is taken from the crane pipe to make the flushing liquid flow to the crane pipe, taking away the heat generated by the friction and reducing the temperature of the crane pipe. This cleaning method can be used when the medium transported by the crane tube is a cleaning medium.

2. External flushing: Connect a pipeline from the outside, introduce a clean flushing fluid, flush the crane pipe, and avoid solid particles entering the crane pipe. When the delivery medium is a small particle, it can be washed in this manner.

In order to fully utilize its utility and extend its service life, it is necessary to clean the crane according to the above two methods.

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Upper Loading Arm