What is Tower Type Gangway?

The Tower Type Gangway is a significant instrument for its use of offshore platforms or boats. It's generally saved in the boat's side. When it's used, it's slanted from the side of this boat. The ladder for people to get off and on the boat may be used for its transport and transmission of goods or people between overseas platforms. As an instance, offshore wind turbines maintenance employees will need to utilize the gangway to property when they're landing from the performance and upkeep vessel into the wind turbines base platform.

As a result of the particular working environment of the offshore system, the gangway will unavoidably create irregular motions with the actions of wind, currents, and waves in the sea, and also this irregular movement will influence the security and stability of this gangway erection and also trigger the gangway to happen.

The present gangway is chiefly corrected by hydraulic elastic reinforcement. Changes in the working environment can't be corrected in a timely and efficient fashion, and also the endocrine between the gangway and the landing stage is shaky, and the security of employees or freight on the gangway can't be ensured. In this aspect, the way to create a timely and powerful self-adjusting gangway and also to possess self-protection function to guarantee the security of people, freight and gangway on the gangway is a challenging problem in the area.

We have Tower Type Gangway For Sale.Our GW2 tower type gangway is composed of the main stair, ladder before, rotating platform, lifting mechanism, tower,electro-hydraulic system. Gangway equips with multiple platforms, triangular ladder, ladder before and the main stair are according to the distribution of arms form, it has a larger scope of application, it uses oil cylinder to drive the ladder to achieve pitching and scaling. Scaling of rotating cylinder makes the platform ±90°rotation in the horizontal plane. Rotating platform uses reduction gears to pull the platform and the whole ladder by a block and tackle to achieve up and down. After the lap, the rotary mechanism and main stair have a floating function. This type is suitable for more than 50000 tons wharf.

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