Why should we use Marine Loading Arm?

Since the ship will move due to draughts, tides, wind direction and other factors, it is necessary to use a transfer hose or a loading arm during loading and unloading operations. Compared with hoses, marine loading and unloading arms can significantly improve the liquid transfer between ships and shores. It is easier to operate, more ergonomic, longer lasting and can take emergency release without causing products. Leakage will not cause any pollution.

Our Marine Loading Arm is designed for fluid transport between terminal and tanker pipeline system of liquid or gaseous state one kind of product.


We are Marine Loading Arm Factory, design and manufacture of Marine oil arm in the process of transmission, within the scope of normal trough boat, drift with the tank ship linkage. Range through the monitoring system in the tank when the ship manifold drift out of the scope of work provides an audible and visual alarm. And equipped with emergency escape system implementation under the condition of loading arm emergency escape and hull.

We also have quick release mooring hook for sale.

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