Do you know Quick Release Mooring Hook?

Quick Release Mooring Hook is a special equipment installed in the dock for ship twisting cables and tethers. It is a new generation of traditional bollards. Compared with the bollards, the product reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves labor efficiency and safety. Sex and reliability.

It is mainly composed of a cable-removing mechanism and a twisting cable mechanism. It is especially suitable for large terminals, requiring fewer operators, large wind and waves, and quick requirements for mooring and cable removal. Especially in the case of an emergency such as a fire hazard at a dock or a ship, the ship needs to quickly leave the docking dock. At this time, the operator manipulates the handle to quickly disengage the locking mechanism, and the mooring line is quickly unhooked and uncoupled, thereby ensuring the safety of the dock and the ship. Avoid huge losses.

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