What is bulwark ladder?

The bulwark ladder is a movable short inclined ladder for personnel to cross the bulwark. A bulwark ladder should be provided when the deck access passage crosses the bulwark. The bulwark ladder should be fastened to the deck or bulwark to prevent tipping. At the boarding point or off the ship, two armrests should be provided on each side. The bulwark ladder is installed to ensure that any person boarding or leaving the ship can safely, conveniently and without barriers between the ship's deck and the pilot's ladder or gangway, or other facilities provided.


The ship ladder is the passage facility of the ship and can be divided into two categories: the inner ladder and the outer ladder.

The ship's internal ladder is a fixed passageway facility, such as a slanting ladder, a straight ladder, a step, etc., which is placed on each deck, platform or double bottom of the ship, and at the mast, etc.

The outboard ladder is a movable (moving) access facility connected to the outside world, such as a gangway, boarding ramp, bulwark ladder, pilot ladder, etc.


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