What is LNG Marine Loading Arm?

After the LNG ship docks the dock, the LNG Marine Loading Arm will connect the ship to the unloading line on the dock to realize the transmission of LNG from the dock to the ship or ship to the dock.

In the design of LNG marine loading arm, the following aspects should be considered: 1 limited space of the dock, equipment piping layout and range of motion; 2 adverse effects of sea wave and hull sway on equipment operation; The effect of swaying of the hull on the liquid in the LNG storage tank; the pressure change in the storage tank when 4LNG is transported; 5 the effect of low temperature on the material properties.

Our LNG marine loading arm includes the following parts: loading arm body, emergency release device (DBV/ERC), electro-hydraulic control system, the detailed structure is shown in Figure 1. A loading arm of the system is controlled by an electro-hydraulic control system, and a hydraulic substation is mounted on the column for controlling the arm. The operator can use the remote control to operate the loading arm on the ship or on the dock.

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