Marine Fluid Handling Arm (Loading Arm)

The marine fluid loading arm is a special equipment for connecting liquid or gas between the dock and the tank by connecting the rotary joint with the rotating joint with various characteristics such as flexible rotation, good sealing and adaptable to harsh environment. The following is a detailed introduction of the marine fluid handling arm for everyone:


1. During the transmission process, follow the tanker within the normal drift range of the tanker;

2. According to the size, type and load of the loading and unloading arm, manual operation or electro-hydraulic control can be used;

3. The loading and unloading arm can be designed as carbon steel, stainless steel or PTFE-lined carbon steel pipe according to the type and medium of the medium to be transported;

4. Nominal diameter: DN100~DN4OO

5. Design temperature range: -196 ° C ~ +300 ° C

6. The design pressure is: -0.095Mpa ~ 6.0Mpa;

7. Equipped with an emergency detachment system, the tank vessel and the loading and unloading arm can be disengaged in an emergency.

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