Happy Halloween!Trick or Treat?

Halloween, on November 1st of every year, is a traditional festival at the West; and October 31st on Halloween is the most lively moment of this festival.

On Halloween, the children will carry pumpkin lanterns, put on an assortment of odd costumes, proceed door-to-door to ask for candy, and keep stating:"trick or treat", should you refuse to provide candies, kids It will be quite mad, use a variety of methods to punish you, for example: dumping garbage in your house, etc. to punish you until you are eager to give them sweet.

At exactly the same time, it's said that this night, all kinds of ghosts will be dressed up as kids to join in the audience to celebrate the advent of Halloween, and people dressed up as ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious.

For convention, people will dress up as elves and ask for food from house to house. Their view is to give elves worship and food to please them, otherwise, these elves will tease them, such as chimney blockage, cattle and sheep lost, yellowish buds and so on. Another way to fool or scare away these wicked spirits is to dress them up. They believe that these evil spirits won't hurt them.


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