What Is Liquid Loading Arm?

Liquid Loading Arm used for handling liquid media in a car, train, or ship.The liquid loading arm is divided into land and marine according to the application site. Among them, the land liquid loading arm is commonly known as the “crane tube”; it can be divided into liquid chemical, liquefied gas and oil products according to the loading type.

The liquid loading arm is mainly composed of a rotary joint, an inner arm, an outer arm, a vertical pipe (main land), a three-dimensional joint (main ship), a balancer, a control system and the like.

The liquid loading arm is a common loading equipment for terminals such as petrochemicals and liquefied natural gas. The basic parameters are nominal pressure, design temperature and nominal size. The number of selected equipment is determined by comprehensive factors such as annual turnover, berth tonnage, daily operation batch of loading platform, transportation mode, road transportation status and vehicle turnover.

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