Low Temperature Swivel Joint

By the inner ring and outer ring, flange pay, main sealing ring, sealing ring, the groove seal, dust seal, the connecting bolt and steel parts.
1. Set up the leak detection devices, have on-line detection function, can in the rotary joint main seal failure found in time, before the replacement as soon as possible.
2. With sufficient strength and rigidity, can combined load under the most unfavorable conditions.
3. In the case of not remove to lubrication, lubrication points set for easy filling.With prevent lubricant oil overflow protection structure.Rotary joint use of lubricating oil to meet the requirements of the design temperature.
4. Turn axle box and a high rope wheel design has a removable bend, make the rotary joint primary seal in replacement of redundant disassembling tools, a maintenance personnel can complete the replacement of seals.
5. The main body material: 30 crmo + 304 (composite materials).
6. Sealing material: TEFLON + 304 (elastic seal).
7. Heat treatment, nitriding treatment, HRC70 ~ 90.

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