What Is The Power Heart Of The Ship's Marine Gangway?

As a marine operator, do you know what is the power heart of the 

ship's Marine Gangway Systems?

As a basic means of transportation on the water, ships are an indispensable component of human development and exploration of the marine world. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of ship tonnage, large-scale ship safety accidents have occurred frequently, resulting in huge loss of life and property and serious marine environmental pollution.

This has made people pay close attention to the safe and reliable operation of large ships. As a propulsion system for the power heart of ship gangways, its safe and reliable state and efficient operation level have become the focus of attention, especially the complexity of the wave-hull-propulsion system in complex marine environments. Dynamic coupling problem. It is necessary to solve the large-scale effect of large ships, multi-parameter coupling and the theoretical problems of uncertain navigation environment and state on the ship propulsion system, and need to improve the adaptability and operational reliability of the propulsion system to improve the ship. The performance of sailing.

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