What Is The Status Of Shipbuilding Industry In Economy?

China's Marine Gangway Ladder industry has a low level of industrial structure and unreasonable structure, so it is necessary to adjust the industrial structure. The adjustment of the industrial structure of the shipbuilding industry should be based on whether it is conducive to improving the shipbuilding level and market competitiveness of China's shipbuilding industry.

As a combination of military and civilian industries, the ship springboard ladder industry is not only an important part of the national defense industry, but also an industry such as water transportation, energy transportation, and marine development.

In the state of fluid-solid coupling, the modal analysis of the ship and the numerical calculation of the vibration response of the ship to the excitation force are carried out. In the modal analysis process, the matrix reduction method is used to eliminate the local modality in order to obtain the overall bending and torsional vibration modes. Then, the damping effect of the single-layer vibration isolator and the auxiliary double-layer vibration isolator was estimated. Comparing the numerical calculation results of the three-dimensional finite element model and the beam combination model of the finite element model and the tail structure which are established close to the real ship, some important conclusions are obtained.

As a Marine Loading Arm China Manufacturer, it is necessary to conduct research on the Marine Professional Quantitative Loading System cluster.

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