Ship Industry Pollution Solution

Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is the most important environmental problem facing mankind to date, and has received extensive attention from the international community.

According to the research report, the shipping industry currently emits more than 1.2 billion tons of CO2 per year, accounting for about 4% of the total global carbon emissions.

Therefore, reducing CO2 emissions from the Marine Gangway Systems industry is a general trend. In this context, it is necessary to study the optimal operating speed of the ship in a low-carbon economy. Under the premise of establishing the relationship between the CO2 emissions of the ship and the speed of the ship, the mathematical method is used to find the navigation speed that minimizes the carbon emissions of the entire fleet; then the relationship function between the shipowner's profit and the speed is established. Under the determined fuel price, the shipowner makes the most profitable speed and reveals the difference between it and the speed that minimizes the fleet's CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it proposes that the government guides shipping companies to reduce operating speed and reduce carbon emissions. Measures and methods.

Therefore, whether it is from the production of LNG Loading Arm or Quick Release Mooring Hook, environmental protection is required as a task to reduce pollution.

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