LNG Transport Event

As LNG Loading Arm Factory, I have to say a big event in China.

In November, China's transport boat carrying 130 LNG (liquefied natural gas) tank containers sailed out of Haipu Yangpu Port and sailed into Shandong Longkou Port. This really is the innovative supply mode of CNOOC, the first use of tank transportation LNG resources, along with the large-scale transportation of Hainan LNG receiving channel capacity to the northern area, which is of fantastic significance to meet the requirement for fresh heating in the northern area and ensure the safety of gas distribution. The LNG tank is"suitable for storage and transportation" and has strong flexibility. At exactly the exact same time, every tank has a Beidou locator and a liquid level detector in the tank, which makes sure that the tanks have been tracked instantly in property storage yards, dock unloading and loading, marine transport and other places, significantly improving the safety of transport links.

At this point, China's finished LNG infrastructure is mainly distributed in the southern region. The existing pipeline transportation and fluid tanker transportation mode cannot completely release the surplus capacity of the receiving stations in the southern area, and also the LNG supply model needs to be innovated.

As an innovative version of LNG supply, tank transport has a wide assortment of programs and adaptability. It may be expanded to many transportation fields such as railways, airports, and highways, and realizes"gate-to-door" source of getting stations and consumers, which is conducive to further promoting China. The building of CNOOC LNG production and revenue system. Accelerating the large-scale and commercialization of LNG tank transportation mode will help form a flexible and maneuvering large-scale natural gas transmission artery on the coast of China, which will effectively complement the traditional land pipeline and tank truck transport and play a positive role in promoting the development of LNG market.

The pilot will provide practical support for the introduction of relevant regulations in the field of LNG tank transportation in China, and provide a model for the large-scale LNG tank transport of gas at the lake basin in the future. The evolution of LNG tank multimodal transportation company will offer a guarantee for the development of China's natural gas industry.

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