Gangway Mounting Boom

As Tower Type Gangway Company, we have Gw2 Tower Type Gangway For Sale. Here is a brief introduction to the installation of the boom after the Gangway is installed.

After the Marine Gangway Ladder is installed, install the boom. Before installation, first, check the center line of this boom. Examine the ladder to find out whether the center line of this boom attracted on the deck is to a line with the center of the pulley on the ladder. If there's a deviation, you want to change it to ladder. The center of the pulley is your norm. After checking the center line, install the boom eye plate in line with the data on the drawing. The eye plate is the same as the deck welding step and the upper platform eye plate welding method, first spot welding, which can be convenient for nice adjustment. Following the eye, the plate is fixed, use the spreader to adjust the boom into the center of the plate and join with the rotating shaft. The rotating shaft has a flange at one end without a flange at one end, look closely at the direction. 1 end of the flange faces the upper stage, and one ending without the flange faces the lower platform. This step is nothing particular. Just ensure that the dock ladder can be placed in a flat position.

When this is all done, set the boom at a flat position and reconfirm that the pulleys on the boom and the pulleys on the frame are in a line.

After checking, the eye of the boom is fully welded to the deck, along with the rotating shaft and also the eye of this boom are welded to each other, and both sides are welded.

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Gw2 Tower Type Gangway For Sale