What Are The Types Of Loading Arm?

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The loading arm manufacturer Hechang Machinery Co., Ltd. now and everyone simply discuss the kinds of crane tubes.

The types of loading arm mainly include:

1. According to the pipe material, it's broken up into carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum metal crane pipe, etc..

2. According to the moderate, it is broken up into gas and petrol, liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, liquefied gas, methanol, ethanol, propylene crane, etc..

3. According to the usage scene, it is divided into property cranes and marine cranes, etc..

Several typical cranes are as follows:

Train crane

Cryogenic crane

Land fluid loading arm

Propylene crane

API crane

The normal construction of the crane pipe, in addition to several rotating joints at the link, is chiefly required to be welded. Since the medium is chiefly corrosive medium and toxic, the steel for the crane pipe equipment and the corresponding welding process are proposed greater requirements.

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