What Is The Indirect Cause Of A Fire In The Tank?

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1. Particular operation management: The team members entering the inflammable and explosive areas aren't wearing anti-static overalls; the prep team employs iron non-explosion-proof tools and non-explosion-proof flashlights at the tank.

2. On-site direction: On-site monitoring staff didn't ask to discontinue their homework following the venting system was ceased as a result of collapse; following significant changes in the prep surroundings, no effective preventative steps were taken, along with the risk evaluation and flammable gas concentration detection weren't completed.

3. Operators: The performance team decided that the gas and oil concentration at the tank increased appreciably and didn't halt the homework in time; the builder had suffered damage to the capsule seal throughout the other tank function of their proprietor but failed to seriously examine the reason for the issue. Propose effective preventative steps or enhance the building program.

4. Risk identification and evaluation: The structure plan didn't conduct a hazard analysis and evaluation to the chance of harm to the capsule seal, and no effective preventative measures were suggested.

5. Explosion-proof equipment direction: There is not any sealing gasket between the junction box cover and the casing of this explosion-proof axial flow fan used, which leads to the explosion-proof role of the enthusiast to neglect; the enthusiast is directly attached to the manhole below the tank from the cable, and the fan isn't hard to be utilized throughout the operation of this enthusiast. The body collides and creates a spark.

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