What Is The Direct Cause Of A Fire In The Tank?

Here is Quick Release Hook Manufacturer talking about the direct cause of a fire in the tank.

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1. Ignition source: You will find electrical sparks due to fans and light fittings, static sparks due to chemical fiber clothes, friction sparks due to iron gear, etc., which might be electric sparks due to enthusiasts.

2. Procedure: During the practice of drawing, the gas and oil at the tank are triggered from the electric spark created by the enthusiast that neglects the explosion-proof operate, along with the fire spreads to the tank, resulting in a flame.

3. Combustible substance: Since the tank sealing ring is ruined, the inner sponge absorbs a lot of naphtha. Throughout the procedure for eliminating the interior floating plate sealing ring, then the naphtha adsorbed from the sponge at the sealing ring exerts a good deal.

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