Quick Release Hook

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Quick release hook is an installation in the dock,a special equipment for ship mooring,is a traditional bitt alternative products. Compared with the dolphin,the product not only reduce the workers labor intensity and improve labor efficiency,but also makes security,reliability and durability of the guarantee.

Main features:

Each hook can be fast decoupling under rated load

--Hook when full load operating force is less than 17 kg

--Design, hook the hook part through balance and release the parts only reset an --   action can be completed

--Hooks can meet the load level Angle less than 55 °

--According to the danger zone and non hazardous area, respectively, to carry on the   --design

--Used in hazardous areas to take off the hook with no spark,static electricity       insulation design

This is mechanical stress monitoring pin used for monitoring the cable tension size at any time.